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About us

Having been in Recruitment since 1999 we have learn all the good and bad things that goes with recruitment. Recruitment has been getting bad press for years and some people liking it to the real estate industry. We woke up one day and said now is time for change. Gone are the high fee’s gone are the placement fee’s and gone are all the things you don’t need.

At 199 Recruitment we use the latest technology to source and find the right candidates for you. We introduced video screening to all of our packages, given you greater control on who you interview, thus saving you valuable time by not interviewing unsuitable candidates. Our clients love this and candidates love it to, it gives them a chance to sell themselves in front of a camera.

Yes we have upset our competitors along the way, where they still want to get away with charging big fee’s when quite simply they don’t have too. You can listen to them go on about how they have all the best candidates and you won’t find them anywhere else. I challenge you to break the mold and give us a try and we will show how good our candidates are for a fraction of the cost.

We have introduced different packages to our model because everyone is different, some people want different things. You can be involved in as much of the recruitment process or as little as you wish. We believe that the client and only the client knows exactly what they want, we work with you to find that unique person.

Our ultra modern systems make your life easier, on average it takes someone 6 minutes to read a CV, say you have 100 of them to read that transpires to 10 hours work! Can you afford to take yourself out of your business for 10 hours? You work the cost out. Our software is some of the most advanced in Recruitment and can quickly shortlist candidates from key criteria that the client wants, couple that with video screening and video interviewing, you now have a system that is pretty much spot on, that’s why we can boast a 97% fill rate within 3 weeks!

199 Recruitment is filling jobs daily from the factory workers right up to senior level management across all fields.

We look forward to working with all our clients old and new and now have over 4000 clients who currently use us. So why not make the change today.

Why choose 199 Recruitment?

  • We save you time and money.
  • Fostering strong and long term client and candidate relationships is central to our company values. This is a key reason clients use us repeatedly and so much of our business is by recommendation and referral.
  • We have deep skills in the labour recruitment and management areas. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services.
  • We work with S.M.E. to multi-national P.L.C. businesses with every business, no matter its size, receiving the same professional service
  • We have national coverage for all permanent, ‘Temporary to Permanent’ or on-going temporary vacancies.